Yoga & Singing

I've started a routine, so that every time I have an audition I either workout or do yoga beforehand.  It helps with nerves, and with yoga specifically it helps to engage your diaphragm; which results in better breathing techniques.  Now I didn't make this connection until this weekend when I was in my yoga class and our instructor was guiding our breathing.  Their was this tranquil operatic piece (oxymoron, I know) playing in the background and she jokes, "We'll all be able to sing like this if we engage like we're supposed to."  Ding, ding, ding.  The synapses slam together, and everything makes sense.  It was a come to Jesus/moksha moment.  I'd also like to disclaim that I in no way am the first person who made this link.  I'm sure plenty of other singer/actor/yogis have made this connection years ago.  This week however; was the week that I made the connection.  I know for a fact that BFA programs teach yoga alongside their movement classes.  What cemented the connection even more was that when I got into my car and flipped on my CD; which is full of super high belty songs I found myself resonating in a better, more healthy place then I sometimes get.  Healthy singing gets me really excited because it means I can do the kind of singing/performing I want for longer.  So, now before my auditions I will most definitely be practicing yoga, and I may take it one step further to try and practice every day I plan on doing any kind of serious singing.