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Ruby Van Dweller Day 2

Ruby Van Dweller is now wrapped!  Day 2 of 2 went down this past Friday and it was pretty great.  This day was focused more on scene work and dialogue between Mrs. Filch and I; which worried me a bit, because the day before we shot I was still sounding like a pre-pubescent boy.  Thankfully/Hopefully I pulled it together for that day, but I guess we'll have to see come spring when Ruby gets an audience.  We also spent all day at the same location, as opposed to the first day which we spent jumping between several locations.  I think it was nice on ours cars since last weekend we had to jump a few along the way.  The weekend weather was kinder to us not that it did much good because we were working with mainly interior shots.  I feel like this shoot day was harder for me as an actor as we were tackling all of the meaningful scenes between Filch and Ruby.  The same scenes I'd been having trouble clicking together going into shooting.  It was helpful, because as the writer, acting I knew that I could disregard my words and work more within the objective of the scene, and being on set I could encourage Vickie (Mrs. Filch) to do the same.  After shooting this weekend I'm still not positive how these dramatic scenes between Filch and I will click, but I'm confident Lauren our director will make it work.

This is a little off topic, but I would like to give compliments to our hosts Laure, Gaby, and Kelsey for feeding us on awesome dinner of Pig in a Blankets and Mac N' Cheese.  Nothing could be more perfect for a bunch of starving college kids, and personally I haven't had a Pig in a Blanket since I was in elementary school.

After dinner we did start to run a bit late.  I blame it on our camaraderie.  By the end of this shoot everyone for the most part was getting along pretty well, and that made shooting enjoyable, but it also made things run slower.  We were supposed to wrap around 10:30 and we didn't quite get there until 12:00am or so and shit I was tire.  Lauren, Gaby, and Kelsey were gracious enough to lend me their couch for the night, so I just rolled over while everyone was waiting for the last card dump and I conked out hardcore.

Again check out the pictures at the Gallery Page!

Ruby Van Dweller Day 1

I really wanted to get this post out last Saturday, but a virus knocked me on my ass, and I've spent the past week in haze of switching between nodding off to Netflix, and staring at the back of my eyelids, but things are on the up and up and I have some wonderful pictures to share from the first day of shooting from Ruby Van Dweller.

Our day started at roughly 9:00 a.m. with some french braided pigtails and brutal temperatures.  The bulk of this day was all about the van dwelling, so we spent most of it outside; which if the weather felt like it looked, would have been perfect.  It was a little bit nippy, but thank God for blankets  and hot chocolate.  One thing is for certain I did love getting back in front of the camera.

I don't understand people who only want to act for one medium.  I think that both theatre and film have their benefits, and doing them back to back has highlighted them really well.  I have an almost cartoonishly expressive face, so film provides a nice challenge in regards to subtlety as well as the opportunity to get exactly the right performance that you want.  It's very different from theatre where you get instant rewards for your performance every night through audience applause, laughter, and have this sort of new age energy link with people you've never met before.

Tomorrow is our second and last of shooting for Ruby Van Dweller, and with enough coffee and antibiotics I think it'll be a good one.  Below are a collection of pictures taken by Gaby Deimeke Photography.  Gaby was our on set photographer and she did a kick ass job covering the shoot Friday, and hopefully we'll have some more pictures from our shoot tomorrow.

For pictures visit the Gallery Page!

Ruby Van Dweller the Saga Begins

Student film production season has arrived at Webster University, and my first project is Ruby Van Dweller.  I'm super excited for it, not only because I get to act in it a Miss Ruby, but also because this is the first short film I've ever written.  The director, Lauren Hayes, is one of my best friends here at Webster, so when she asked me if I wanted to write her film of course I said yes.  When we sat down to decide what this movie was going to be we had a little bit of a block, so we started with the character first.  It was smooth sailing for awhile until we got to hobbies that our character would have and got stuck again, so we searched the internet for some interesting hobbies, and at the bottom of one of the many lists that we sifted through was van dwelling.

Van Dwelling: is a lifestyle of living full or part-time in a wide variety of vehicles, mainly cargo vans that have been modified with basic amenities like house batteries, a bed platform, some form of toilet, sink and storage space.

We may both may be crazy, because immediately this sounded brilliant to us on a personal level.

On a side note we may move to L.A. after we graduate and van dwell, because really there is no better time and place for that.

That is how our story got its name, and base.  From there we crafted her situation, and it pretty much worked itself out after that.  That was all back in September, and since then Bonnie & Clyde: The Musical happened, and honestly this project creeped up on me, but I am in full Van Dweller mode now, and this week is packed with last minute preparations before we shoot Friday.

What To Look Forward To

  1. Ruby's Costume a.k.a The Style of Savers
  2. Shoot Week Detox
  3. First Day of Filming
  4. Day Two of Filming
  5. Guest Post from Director Lauren Hayes
  6. Ruby Van Dweller the Script
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