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"Suicide is a Private Thing"

I hit a moment two nights ago where we starting using the actual pill bottle and pills for H Mac's attempted suicide. I was a tad worried, just because knowing me I would totally choke and for real die on a tic tac of all things. I mean what a way to go right? We got to the moment though and having the pill bottles in my hand, feeling the tangibility of them and the act of putting them all in my mouth and looking into the mirror to decide whether or not to swallow them was a pretty intense and a little too real feeling.

The terrible thing about though, is that moment in and of itself was hilarious. These pills were stuffed to the brim in my mouth, and one by one they began to fall and plink against the floor. I lost my shit. Not just laughing, but sobbing. It shuttered the show to a stop for a moment. While myself and Anna tried to get ourselves back together.

The mixed emotions followed me backstage and it took me quite a few minutes to get it together. With the tangible pills it was the first time the moment clicked in my mind. The frustration that Heather is feeling. She exposes her soul only to have her best friend who has turned into a monster turn on her. In that moment she's lost everyone. Her other best friend and her boyfriend among them. She feels worthless and that's only amplified by the fact that she's too stupid to even get the pill bottles open.

The writer did an excellent job building all of these elements together for H Mac and it so easy to get into the frustrations and childish feeling that she's going through, and get to a point of declining self worth that taking the pills really does seem like the only option that H Mac has, even though she's too scared to really do it.

Casting Announcement: Heathers, American Idiot & 25 Life

I'd be kidding myself if I said I was waiting to write this post till everything for this semester was more finalized when in truth it's really just because I haven't gotten around to it.  I do have lots of exciting things to come for this year, so get excited.

I will be doing two shows and a concert with New Line Theatre's 25th Anniversary Season.

The season kicks off with Heathers the Musical in which I will be playing the dizzingly ditzy Heather MacNamara.  It runs October 2nd- 24th at the brand new Marcelle Theatre.

Next I will be doing New Line's 25th anniversary concert entitled 25 to Life! which runs January 5th and 6th at the Sheldon Concert Hall.

Finally I will be playing the troubled young Heather in American Idiot running March 3rd-26th at the Marcelle Theatre.  

A Look Back: Another Openin Another Show

We finally made it.  This weekend marked the opening for Bonnie & Clyde, and I feel as if it crept up on me and took forever, if that's even possible.  I've been performing since I was in elementary school in many different venues and variances in audience, but this show is special.  It's my first professional theatre experience, and God Damn It! I was nervous.  I always get nervous though; in a "Why do I do this to myself kind of way."  It's almost become comforting now, and I usually take the day to reflect on why I got into performing in the first place.

First of all being a kind of an only child, shout out to my half-brother Mark (you da best), I got majorly doted on, thanks mama, and went through some big pretending phases i.e. I was Ariel, a dog, and a cat.  I was completely committed to those characters, and I have a scar to prove it (I fell of the couch when I was a cat.)  These pretending to be other people and animals garnered a lot of attention, and I basked in it, and viola a performer was born.  That and I got to where a cat tail once and swish my little booty across the stage.  From that cat tail moment on I've constantly been in shows, and I didn't have a break in performing until college when I took up writing.  That means at least three times a year since I was seven I've had opening night jitters.

This shows opening has been unique in many ways.  In all of the openings of the past, that night was the first night that we had put the show in front of an audience.  New Line does a preview kind effectively easing us into the process.  However; New Line also get reviewed, and that is something I have never had any experience with, so while was saying it was going to be fine I was fetaling in a corner of my mind.  Also New Line has an after party where the cast and audience can mingle and interact under the calming influence of booze and mood lighting.            All of those changes in how I normally experience openings collided into a whirlwind of emotions.  Now, I realize I'm making myself sound like a neurotic mess, and I am, up until about three hours before the show, and then slowly the panic ebbs and all that is left is intense excitement and pride in the theatre that we have created over the course of the last few months.

  Bonnie & Clyde is, dare I say, my favorite show yet.  It has all my favorite things.      Great music, rich history, guns, and sexual tension galore.  Bonnie Parker is a bad good girl if that makes any sense, and playing her has been so much fucking fun!  There have been so many people who have guided this character and my portrayal of her, and I thank them for that, 'cause lord knows she wouldn't be able to hold a candle to Matt's Clyde without them.

When I first saw Bonnie it was as this sexy, manipulative seductress, and Scott helped me see that only how she saw herself.  In reality she is a girl, a girl stuck at the age of twenty with huge dreams and no way of ever achieving amongst the soul crushing circumstances of the depression in the middle of the Dust Bowl.  Once I'd gotten that in my head Dowdy was there to help me answer questions about her.  Questions that no one would ever know the answer to, but instead would add layers to Bonnie and keep her from being one note.  Lastly Alex, my roommate, the one I'm supposed to be sharing this blog with has helped me tremendously.  Even after rehearsal is over we talk about the show, and about Bonnie, and the more we talk the more we discover.  He's the only person in this production who's directed me before so he knows my habits bad and good, and helped me keep from doing them.  With all of this guidance I feel as if I've grown as actress and singer and maybe even poet ;).  I feel as if I got a free acting and vocal lesson every rehearsal, or at least that's how I tried to see it.

I urge everyone to come this show.  There has been a lot of hard work put into it, and it's fun to see it pay off.  I hope to see everyone there.


All the Best ;)

Larissa White

New Line Theatre Show Tune Challenge

So, you may be asking yourself "What the eff is she doing?"  Recently I did Bonnie & Clyde with New Line Theatre, and the director Scott Miller had an idea for fundraising.  Instead of dumping a bucket full of ice on our heads; why don't we film ourselves singing show tunes.  Now, for some letting the world hear you belt out your favorite tune might be the equivalent of dumping ice on your head, but for others it sounds like a great idea.  In a nutshell this is how this video came into existence.

With that being said I would like to CHALLENGE EVERYONE! to complete the New Line Theatre Show Tune Challenge.  Post a video of yourself doing your favorite show tune to Facebook, and challenge your friends.  Have fun!  I know I did.

I've had a few people voice concerns to me that it is kind of skeevy to be doing this, because it devalues the ALS ice bucket from which this challenge is derived.  While I'd love to sum this up with "Imitation is the best form of flattery," I know that isn't going to cut it, so here is my explanation.  Bandwagon philanthropy has the primary purpose of raising awareness, and as a small local theatre company New Line Theatre needs that.  I would like to remind everyone that New Line Theatre is a non-profit organization, so no one is profiting off of any donations made.  Lastly some people may think that since this is not a disease, such as ALS, that it isn't something we should be donating to, but millions of philanthropic dollars go to arts in the community each year.  Just because this may be an organization you're unfamiliar with doesn't mean it deserves any less attention.


All the Best,

Larissa White