The Players Project Theatre Company

Me, Myself, and I & The 24 Play Festival

This past weekend was certainly a crazy one.  Not only was I gearing up for finals week, but I was on set Friday for the student film "Me, Myself, and I," and that same Friday I embarked on Theatre Lab and The Players Project Theatre Company's 24 Hour Play Festival as an actor.  Below are some pictures from the set courtesy of Gaby Deimeke Photography.

In "Me, Myself, and I," I played the main characters girlfriend Jenny who decides to break up with him after he fits her a picture of himself for her birthday.  Everything for me was inside; which was awesome as it was pretty shitty outside.  I feel for the cast and crew that had to be out in it for any length of time.  The role was easy enough I have a vast amount of experience in regards to the art of heartbreaking, so we finished up my part around 4pm giving me enough time to go grab something to eat before I spent a good part of the night at Webster Groves High School where the festival took place.  So, just a little bit more about Theatre Lab and The Players Project Theatre Company.

The Players Project Theatre Company's Mission: St Louis's Urban Theater Project with a mission to explore collaborative creativity by bringing together talent from all over the St Louis area.

Theatre Lab: is an actor-driven theatre company that allows for shows and projects to be: conceived, produced, performed and directed by our actors, here in STL. -"We are actors. We're different."


Right after we drew for shows.

Alright, back to it, Friday night we drew for shows and I landed in the drama Trinity Park, by Wendy Renee whose setting was in a park, written for 3 women, and holiday prop was a candy cane.  The revolves around Cici, Bailey, and Ruby, three sisters, who are asked by their mother to reconcile after two years of not speaking to one another.  When Bailey and Ruby head to the park they discover that their oldest sister Cici is homeless, and drama ensues.  Our director was phenomenal, and I'm so glad I got to work with her.  As I am not a formally/collegiately trained actress I missed out on a lot of the exercises that other who are trained do, and our director did a great job of integrating them into our process; which helped me develop a depth and intentionality that I don't I would have have been able to find so quickly otherwise.  The rest of Friday night went by fast.  We blocked, we conquered, we got of there by 10 and went to bed (maybe not that.)  I told myself before I started this that I was going to memorize the night before so that I could sleep on it, because once that happens the words are stuck up in my brain, but of course that didn't happen, so I got up early-ish the next morning and punched the lines into my skull.  After everything seemed to just fly by.  We ran and ran and ran our lines.  We went over the blocking.  Then it was time for tech; which went great, and then food, and then show.  It was all over with so fast that after it was over I didn't really know what to think, but after going and sitting down to watch all the rest of the shows, I was overwhelmingly impressed by everyone.  These were 20 minute shows that people took and created something spectacularly funny, creepy, a mixture of both, and dramatic all in 24 hours.  That's insane to me.  So, I applaud everyone that was involved.  I had an absolute blast, and I hope one day I'll get to do this again.