Material Girl for an Afternoon

This past weekend I was an extra on the feature film Cook & Banks; which will premiere April 23rd, 2015 at Plaza Frontenac .  For the afternoon I got to be an 80's rocker all glammed up for the Grammys.  I absolutely love dressing up and this particular outfit posed a challenge as pretty much every decade from the 20's to current can be found in closet, but my closet seemed to have just skipped right over the 80's.  The first outfit I put together was just tragic.  Black pants, teal tights, white Keds,  a blue snakeskin off the shoulder top, and red sports bra.  Too much going and none of it was making sense, but I thought it was the only option I really had, so instead of stressing over it and wasting time I focused on my hair and make-up, because after many a decades day and theme party I have most definitely mastered the art of the teased side-pony and purple eyed frosted lip-glossed 80's girl, and the Sephora pallet I got for Christmas last year (Thanks mom) makes it really easy for me to use obscure colors like neony purple and bubble gum frosted pink.  All this was going on while Bruce Springsteen and Madonna blasted in the background, and somehow the spirit of Heather Chandler must've entered my body, because right before I left I ran back for my closet and reached in for 80's perfection.

Being on set at Off Broadway STL was a nice time, a bunch of my friends were extras for the day as well and I gotta tell ya that is the way to do it.  It's much more easy to let loose as a crowd and shoot the shit as set dressing when you're with people you know.  All in all it was a fun time with fun people, and I'm really glad for the opportunity.