Keeping the Momentum Going

I know this is a little late, but welcome to the new year everyone!  Last year was a year full of firsts, growth, and fantastic times, and I'd really like to keep the momentum going through this year.  So far I've got a lot of projects on my plate.  I feel like the easiest way to beak this down for everyone is subcategories.


2 musicals, 1 TV show, 2 short films


Spec Script for Veep, Ruby Van Dweller Script


I'll be actively looking for an arranger to help put together some jazz standards, blues and folk songs.

I'll also be more actively updating my blog and social media trying to grow my readership.  I'mdefinitely in that rose-colored glasses the world is full of possibility phase, and am completely enjoying it.  I hope you all will enjoy the ride with me, and are looking forward to a lot more posts.