"Don't Pass on the Right!" A Road Trip Story

This past weekend I road tripped down to Atlanta with my boyfriend to help him look at a room that he found on Craigslist, and because I was super curious.  I'd never been to Atlanta and hear all of these wonderful things about it, so that's how I ended up getting the motivation to drive down there and back in one weekend.  Also, who can say no to a road trip?

We started our journey Friday night driving down to Nashville; which is only about a four-hour drive from St.  Louis.  It was nice.  We were set up with snacks, soda, and Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast.  Let's just say we have this road trippin' thing on lock.  We also started the podcast Serial that night; which if you haven't checked it out already, check it out, and if there's anyway you can lock yourself in a car for 12 hours with someone else and listen to it I feel like that is the ideal way to go about it.  It gives you a chance to bounce theories and ideas off of someone, and if you're lucky enough to have an intelligent partner, debate (my favorite thing.)  So that took up most of the four hours, and we got to the hotel with the only hiccup of missing the turnoff... twice.

It was beautiful and sunny the second day, after an early morning complimentary breakfast we headed out on the three-hour drive to Atlanta.  I've never been South of Kentucky for any length of time, (I'm discounting Florida and Mexico, because I flew) and driving through the mountains was breathtaking.  We passed through Chattanooga twice, and Patrik was spot on when saying it reminded him of a place where Scully and Mulder would be dispatched for an X-File.  There was an eerie beauty about it, and I don't believe that I've ever seen a place that so deserved the description "nestled in the mountains."  It was cool to pass through, but creepy to linger.  This all might have been affected by our feelings regarding the Serial podcast; which was picking up steam, and we were almost finished when we arrived in Atlanta.  I feel like if we didn't have things to do we would have sat in the car for two hours and listened to the bitter end, but we did have things to do so we checked into our hotel; which ended up being like a one bedroom apartment.  I'm telling ya guys, if I had enough money I would live in the Hyatt House.  It's gorgeous, well decorated, and uses space well.  Despite me wanting to hole up in the room and never come out we went to go meet Mr. Landlord.  His specific instructions were to meet in public at a Publix (whatever that it is) at 1:00 pm on the nose.  NO BEING LATE, so we were in the parking lot at 12:45, and we waited... and waited.  It's 1:10, Mr. Landlord is a no-show, so we think.  Except we are at the wrong Publix.  Apparently they're abundant in Atlanta, and we were 10 minutes away.  Oops.  Cue angry driving.  After apologizing profusely to Mr. Landlord we find that he's this super awesome funny Jamaican guy.  We tour the house, and for those of you who aren't familiar with Marietta it's comparable to Des Peres or West Clay, so modern, expansive, and in any other case ridiculously expensive, but this guy is offering it for a really great deal.  Patrik is off the wall excited, and I'm more like what's the catch, but after talking for a while I honestly think this guy is just trying to cut people a break.  He's a highly educated college professor who has mainly recent grads and college students filtering in and out of his house. Patrik hit the jackpot (lucky bastard.)  After we wrapped up there we headed down to Front Page News in Midtown.  It's this New Orleans style restaurant with some kickin' Bloody Mary's, or at least that's what I've heard since I'm three weeks shy of my 21st, and they like to card.  I had the Big Kahuna, because I hadn't eaten since that morning and let me tell you that burger was hard to eat in the best way possible.  Snaps for you Front Page, snaps for you.  After that we drove around exploring the city a little bit before being asked "What'll you have!" by the fine people at The Varsity.  Chocolate shakes were the answer and with those in hand we walked over to meet a friend of Patrik's family at the Dashboard Co-op Gallery.  I've never really been to an art gallery before, but maybe I should because what I saw there I thoroughly enjoyed.  There was a chapel in back; which offered $30 weddings, fully functioning I'll have you know, and though one space was being uninstalled the other was occupied with a collection that the guy we met up created.  I've linked his website, so you can check it out.  After chillin' there and shootin' the shit for a while we headed to our room/apartment/can I have it please to watch the Seattle/Panthers game, and get an early night for the long drive back.

The third day dragged a little with the highlight being our near miss; which prompted the title of this post and a Glozelle worthy "Stay on your side!" and Chipotle (do we ever care that guacamole s extra?... no)  We made it home just in time to watch the Colts beat Denver, and I'll explain to you why that's such a big thing another time.  Just know that my birthday is on Super Bowl Sunday and if my team makes it I will be the happiest girl alive.