American Idiot: It Has Begun

For starters if any of you have visited my website before you might be noticing that it's completely different.  You are correct in thinking that.  It is different.  I can't keep things the same for a long time, so I changed it.  Easy peezy, simple as that.  Plus I think it's prettier this way, and it was a fun challenge figuring everything out on this platform.  I hope you enjoy the new format, and more content this year.  Hopefully I'll keep up with it, but I'm not going to make any promises.  

Alrighty, so as of late January rehearsals for American Idiot have begun, and I will be trying to blog the process, but refer to the above no promises.  

For those not familiar with the show it is a punk rock musical about three adrift teenagers trying to get their ish together in Bush era America.  All songs in the show are Green Day songs arranged beautifully.  I'm saying this as a non Green Day fan.  (Their punk just isn't my cup of tea.)

This go around I am playing Heather one of the lead male's, Will, girlfriend.  He gets her pregnant and she "forces" him to stay home with her and raise the baby.  This doesn't do wonder for their relationship going off the basis that if you force your partner to do something they're  

A) Going to resent you.

B) Going to say "shove it."

C) All of the Above

As of now we have blocked the first half of the musical; which seems really fast compared to previous shows, but apparently we're right on schedule, so cool beans. 

I do have to say that I have a couple of qualms with this show that I am probably going to discuss in other posts, mainly the treatment of female characters, but I shall save you all from that till another time.