A Look Back: Tranny and Clyde

We are smack dab in the middle of our second week of rehearsals and Alex had the brilliant revelation.  What if Bonnie was a tranny?  Stick with me for a second the show actually suggests it.  At the end of Act 1 in the song "This World Will Remember Us" Clyde sings

"Who would have thought that a waitress from Rowena would have had the balls to bust me out with my own forty five."

BOOM!  He just put it out there and we here in apartment 7821 are going to humor it.  After all Bonnie couldn't have kids.  This could either be because of a botched abortion or because she has a penis.  She's been seen smokin' cigars and pointin' guns and ONLY men could physically do that, and on the same subject Bonnie was always packin' heat, and by golly it wasn't her(his) gun.

Finally she was completely obsessed with "IT," but what exactly was "IT?"  Could it have been an unexplained sexual magnetism, or simply a big ole dong.  Who's to say, but until we have proof otherwise I think you can consider the new title of the show to be "Tranny and Clyde: The Musical."

I hope this has given you some clear insight as to why I have been cast.

From Both of Us,

Alex & Larissa ;)