A Look Back: The Rhythm and the Flow to Things

At this point I would love to say that I have the show completely memorized back to front, like the back of my hand, and all that jazz, but I can't.  What I can say is that I have the show memorized enough to really start playing around with it, and this is one of my favorite times in the whole rehearsal process.

The discovery and finding the rhythm and the flow to the show and especially to Bonnie.  As Alex has so wonderfully pointed out to me several times I have a very distinct vocal pattern.  It would be very easy to impersonate me.  I have this habit of breathing into my words and making sounds either before or after; especially if I don't know my lines.  So, at this point in the process I am very much aware of it, and I am hell bent on sounding like Bonnie now not like Larissa, and I finally feel like I'm making some headway with this headstrong character.  I also feel like I can start experimenting with different things and playing around.  It's scary awesome you can be in it sometimes, and that's one of the reasons that I do love performing ever so much.

Today I realized that the show is only two weeks out from now, and holy shit I nearly had a heart attack.  This process has completely zipped by.  This week will be another one of full runs, and then

after that we start adding everything in, and then we get to show you guys what we came up with.  I fully intend to have a blast this week with Bonnie and really let her flourish, and see what she can become.