The Bad Thing About AutoPay

The really bad thing about auto pay is that you forget that you have a website to maintain for large amounts of time.  For example, from February till now. 

There are a whole heck of a bunch of updates that I will be hopefully remembering to do in the next few weeks.  Meaning just because I haven't posted doesn't mean that I haven't been doing anything.  I've been doing too much.

The first big thing I have updated is now there is a page for podcasts that I have done; which gives access to two projects I worked on last year.

I did episode three of Laborastory a monthly radio play podcast featuring scripts by Saint Louis writers, acted by Saint Louis actors and directed by Artistic Producing Director Ryan Scott Foizey and Associate Director Jason Klefisch. With new stories to tune into on the 13th of every month, you're at the intersection of nostalgic radio plays and the future of podcasts

I also wrote and acted in a podcast called Hacking the Galaxy.