A Look Back: Ravishin' Redhead

School has started and things have gotten really crazy.  I probably shouldn't be writing right, but doing my homework, but oh well I don't want to work on that right now.  There are more important things to do; like tell everyone how I dyed my hair.

I'm taking the John Malkovich approach and creating my character from the hair down.  The other Alex and I dyed my hair.  Now, I have dyed my hair many a time, and by many a time I mean that I've been to the salon and had someone else dye my hair for me, so I was just a tad bit nervous for how this was going to turn out.  Alex and I put it off for a couple of days debating on whether or not we wanted someone with a little more experience in the dyeing department to help us, but in the end we said "Fuck it," and decided to we'd just go for it.  From this experience I have learned some very cool things that you all can choose take with you or not.

1) Dye is awesome, and ours was a pretty purple. (My favorite color.)

2) It makes your head itch the longer you have it on.

3) If you use argan oil in the dyeing process it makes your hair soft.

4) Postpone washing your hair as long as you can after dyeing it to let the color set.

5) I don't know if I made the one above this up.

6) If you draw penises and flowers in your hair with the dye it doesn't show up after you wash it out.

7) Thank God there aren't penises and flowers visible in my hair.

8) Make sure you have a place to wash the dye out of your hair.

9) If you don't you can just hop in the shower.

10) Be careful not to get the dye in your eyes.  (Be smart people)

11) Clean out the applicator bottle.

12) If you don't it explodes!

13) Use a bowl and a brush if it is available to you.

14) If not use the applicator bottle.

15) If not use your hands.

16) Wear rubber gloves.

17) If your hair starts to fall out well...

18) Hair grows back.

Good Luck,

Larissa ;)