Ruby Van Dweller Day 2

Ruby Van Dweller is now wrapped!  Day 2 of 2 went down this past Friday and it was pretty great.  This day was focused more on scene work and dialogue between Mrs. Filch and I; which worried me a bit, because the day before we shot I was still sounding like a pre-pubescent boy.  Thankfully/Hopefully I pulled it together for that day, but I guess we'll have to see come spring when Ruby gets an audience.  We also spent all day at the same location, as opposed to the first day which we spent jumping between several locations.  I think it was nice on ours cars since last weekend we had to jump a few along the way.  The weekend weather was kinder to us not that it did much good because we were working with mainly interior shots.  I feel like this shoot day was harder for me as an actor as we were tackling all of the meaningful scenes between Filch and Ruby.  The same scenes I'd been having trouble clicking together going into shooting.  It was helpful, because as the writer, acting I knew that I could disregard my words and work more within the objective of the scene, and being on set I could encourage Vickie (Mrs. Filch) to do the same.  After shooting this weekend I'm still not positive how these dramatic scenes between Filch and I will click, but I'm confident Lauren our director will make it work.

This is a little off topic, but I would like to give compliments to our hosts Laure, Gaby, and Kelsey for feeding us on awesome dinner of Pig in a Blankets and Mac N' Cheese.  Nothing could be more perfect for a bunch of starving college kids, and personally I haven't had a Pig in a Blanket since I was in elementary school.

After dinner we did start to run a bit late.  I blame it on our camaraderie.  By the end of this shoot everyone for the most part was getting along pretty well, and that made shooting enjoyable, but it also made things run slower.  We were supposed to wrap around 10:30 and we didn't quite get there until 12:00am or so and shit I was tire.  Lauren, Gaby, and Kelsey were gracious enough to lend me their couch for the night, so I just rolled over while everyone was waiting for the last card dump and I conked out hardcore.

Again check out the pictures at the Gallery Page!